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This is a game about a young person, searching his fortune in the rich land of Agamadeni by becoming a merchant leading his own caravan.

You have to watch the markets of the different cities and make the best deals. Buy low, sell high.

Each town has it’s own production chains which need goods and produce more valuable goods from them, thus generating supply and demand. The other caravans will try to make their own profit and will influence the markets as well.

Get rich and wealthy in this economy simulation.


Controls are explained in-game. If you want to mute the music, press M in-game. If you want to mute the sounds, press N in-game.

Technical Details

The game was made in Java using libGDX (http://libgdx.badlogicgames.com/). I made all the graphics myself, using PyxelEdit and GIMP. All the sound effects were created with Bfxr. The music was created using Cubase.

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Install instructions

Java 11 needed to play. Start by executing “java -jar ./The_Land_of_Milk_and_Honey_1.0.0.jar” in the directory with the jar-file.


The_Land_of_Milk_and_Honey_1.0.0.jar 16 MB

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