A downloadable game for Windows, macOS, and Linux

This is a Ludum Dare 36 Jam submission

Version 1.1.0:
Due to various comments mentioning, that this game needs checkpoints, we added some. We let the version without checkpoints up as well, for those who like some more challenge. The checkpoint mechanic is a really simple one and there is no visually indication that you reached a checkpoint. We hope, this keeps the frustration level a bit lower. :D

"A" or "left" - move left
"D" or "right" - move right
"W" or "up" - jump or climb ladders up
"S" or "down" - climb ladders down
"Enter" or "Space" - interact with levers

To execute the jar file, you need Java 8 installed on your machine. It was tested on Windows and Linux.

Game Description:
You and your friend are adventurers who want to enter an old medieval tower. It is said that there lie ancient artifacts, but also you've been warned of the dangers of the tower.

Nonetheless you go for the tower. You feel strange as you stand before it. It appears tall and mighty and you kinda feel attracted to it. Your friend, as well, seems to have these feelings. Excited for the ancient artifacts you approach the tower.

As you enter the tower you suddenly blackout…

Waking up, you look around and try to find your friend. You don't see anybody, just a room and some way up.

You stand up and try to move ahead, but.. you can't. Some strange power hinders you of all movements.

Suddenly your body moves on its own, you have the strange feeling that your friend controls you with his own movements.


In this game you control two heroes at the same time. You have to get to the top of the tower and discover the ancient artifact that awaits you.

About us:
Team members:

Hello there, we are two guys who participated in the Ludum Dare for the first time. We did all of the programming using Java and libGDX. The music was generated by http://abundant-music.com and then polished in LMMS. For sound we used http://www.bfxr.net/. We found most of the graphics on http://opengameart.org/ and did small parts ourselves.

Install instructions

Java 8 needed


The Ancient Tower-1.1.0.jar 14 MB
The Ancient Tower-1.0.0.jar 14 MB

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