A downloadable game for Windows, macOS, and Linux

To execute the jar file, you need Java 8 installed on your machine. The game was tested on Windows and Linux.


We are in a future world where many robots roam the streets. Due to the invention of new energy sources, all coal power plants were shut down. But there were tiny (but more than relevant) faults in the new power plants. Now the energy of the world is running low. The first action, the government announced, was to shut down every electronic robot until a solution will be found. The robots which developed an self-learning AI over the years, of course hate the idea of being shut down, so they turned off their wireless control units and resist the government. They became hostile to every human nearing them.

Now, you appear on the plan. You are an old coal-driven robot and thus are no danger to the critical power situation of the world. Your job now, is to shut down every electronic robot you can find.


In this game you have to shut down every robot to save the world. You have to sneak past those robots and try not to be discovered.

You can move by rightclicking on tiles. You interact with objects in the same way. The camera is moveable with WSAD.  Press R to restart a level and ESC to exit to the main menu.

Technical Details

The game was made in Java using libGDX (http://libgdx.badlogicgames.com/). I made all the graphics myself with the tool MagicaVoxel (https://ephtracy.github.io/). The background music was made using LMMS (https://lmms.io/). All the sound effects were created with assets of the 'The #GameAudioGDC Bundle' (Part 3) (http://www.sonniss.com/gameaudiogdc2017/).

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Install instructions

Java 8 needed


Shut Everything Down-1.0.0.jar 10 MB

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