W, S, A, D - control your admiral
left mouse button - shoot interceptor rockets
right mouse button - shoot missiles
middle mouse button - select squadron near mouse position
1, 2, .., 9 - select squadron space - move selected squadron to mouse position
R - restart the mission esc - return to mainmenu


You are a leading member of a peaceful race, that recently developed the ability to travel between the stars. Many new worlds to discover. But unfortunately, also many new dangers. On one of your journeys, you met another race naming themselves humankind. A very unfriendly race that directly started a war to conquer our planets… As if the space isn’t big enough. Since none of our people has any military experience, you were chosen to lead your race into freedom…


Your goal is to protect your admiral while destroying the enemy. To achieve this, you have to shoot missiles and interceptor rockets and also control your fighter squadrons.

Technical Details

The game was made in Unity ( We made all the graphics and models ourselves, using GIMP ( and Blender ( All the sound effects were created with assets of the ‘The #GameAudioGDC Bundle’ ( or by ourselves. The music was created using Cubase (

Made by

Skosnowich and Matjes!


Download 23 MB
Download 23 MB

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