Sadly we didn't have time to make a tutorial, so here is an overview over the controls of the game.

move with WSAD,  
buildmenu with TAB,  
build with LEFT mouse button and   
remove with holding the RIGHT mouse button  


You are a greedy dwarf and want to get rich. Thus you gathered coal to press yourself some diamonds. The problem is, that you don't have a diamond press. So you climb down into a dark cave to gather materials and eventually building your precious diamond press.


Your ultimate goal is to build a diamond press. To build a diamond press, you have to gather resources. But you are a noble dwarf, so you don't mine filthy ore yourself, but let drones do the job.

With different buildings you supply the power and the infrastructure for the mining drones.

Technical Details

The game was made in Unity ( This was our first time with Unity. We made all the graphics and models ourselves, using GIMP ( and Blender ( All the sound effects were created with assets of the ‘The #GameAudioGDC Bundle’ (Part 3) (

Made by

Skosnowich and Matjes


Download 15 MB

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